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Crucial HTML Elements You Must Kno

Crucial HTML Elements You Must Know

Hyper Text Markup Language or popularly HTML, is a language used to write web pages. You add tags in the text to create structures when you write HTML. HTML is a widely accepted and used mark-up language to develop web pages. Search engines use specific HTML elements as ranking signals, it’s suggested that you learn more about these HTML to rank better in the SERPs.

Here’s a list of the crucial HTML elements to enhance your SEO success:

Make your HTML title tags descriptive

HTML titles are the best ways for the search engine to learn more about what your webpage is about. You can make or break your audience to read your content with headings, the same holds good with HTML titles. Google changes your HTML titles when they aren’t descriptive or deemed bad. It’s recommended that you read some HTML tips to write catchy titles.

Crucial HTML Elements You Must Know

Meta tag description

Meta description tags are the oldest supported HTML element;you can use these meta tags to describe how your pages must be described in the search listings. If you consider HTML titles as book titles, meta description tags are like the blurb which describes about the book.

Meta description might not be a major ranking factor but they can be used as grab the attention of the users. Meta descriptions that comprisesthey keywords searched for will appear bold which can be used to sell the result to the user. Sometimes search engines will create different description that is most relevant for a particular query.

Speak the language of the search engines

It would be a wonderful scenario if you had an opportunity to tell the search engines what you’re content was about. Fortunately, you can inform the search engines what your content is about in its language, markup. Search engines understand the content and structure of your page using codes or markup. These rich snippets make your website more attractive to your users.

Not just for the tech savvy

Just about anybody can learn how to create webpages with HTML, few HTML tips is all you need to save a lot of frustration. Some of these tips are as simple as changing the curly quotes to straight ones, while some tips are complicated for the beginners to learn easily. It’s suggested that you learn about the basic tips and tricks which can come in handy at given time.