What is a crossword?

A crossword puzzle is a general square or rectangular grid of black and white squares with the aim of filling up letters within the white spaces that fit the desired number of boxes and satisfy the given clue for the word. The words are generally written in two orientations i.e. either across or top to bottom. The black squares are meant for just separating the words and aid mainly in reaching the correct word according to the clue by removing all of the other synonymous possibilities of the word. Irrespective of their types and genres, all it requires is an active brainstorming session in order to crack all of the clues related to the words and reach at the correct ones within a shorter period of time. This article discusses in detail about the pro tips for crossword puzzle answers.

tips for crossword puzzle

The pro tips

In order to reach for the answers of the crossword quiz answers quickly and in an efficient manner, one should follow the basic tips that not only speed up the guessing process but also improves the analytical thinking of the person. Following are some of the basics for the same: –

  • One should start the crossword with the clues that state for fill in the blanks because these are generally easy and one can decipher the clue easily from the context and structural clues given in the sentence. This would also provide with a good starting point for the player to brainstorm his or her ideas and would be the perfect mental exercise for starting the puzzle.
  • Then one should go for solving the 3, 4 and 5 lettered words because they are lesser in number in the dictionary in comparison to the longer words and they can also be easily deciphered from the clues provided in the context. These small words get fitted in the boxes easily and hence boost up the confidence for further solving of the same.
  • One must read the clues very carefully and look for its tone and tense because they are generally mentioned in the tense in which one expects the answers and hence it provides a big clue to the answer.
  • One must always use pencil to fill up the guesses in the boxes and then modify the same on the basis of the cross letters that one could decipher from the clues given in the context.
  • The clues must be approached with open mind and the context of the same must be understood clearly before reaching any conclusion for the word.
  • The puzzle makers devise the misdirection very easily so as to confuse the players. In such cases one has to always think out of the box in order to arrive at the correct conclusion.

Practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, one can ace in crosswords by enough practice. Puzzles in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Universal and USA Today are few of the good practice resources.